Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pioneer Squaring

We were hanging out in Pioneer Square today and checking out the Design Commission who asked CMR to have a show soon in March. They were so super cool about having the install be whateverrrrr the artist wants to do so it's sure to be super cool.

ALSO- we went to the Tether Inc space to check on the Abominable Snowman show from last month to see how it went and how it is going and it turns out CMR's pieces were really sought after and tons of people dug them. A certain Mr. SanFran bought the 3 pieces though and didn't leave any info for us to say "Hey whats up thanks!" so to whomever he was- Thank You!


two pieces edited together into one via MSPaint


  1. Well done!


  2. hii suz i can see you,