Saturday, January 23, 2010

Live Bloggin' from KEXP

Written by the lowly cmrtyz intern with near perfect spelling and grammar.

CMRTYZ has begun their setlist. Choosing the next album...Seems like it's going to be The Intelligence. TYZ is mostly sitting around.

10:08: TYZ is still sitting, but playing air guitar.

10:12: CMRTYZ are being introduced. They also just said poop and crap on the air(?)

10:13: Christmas is going on air...Catch 'em at Ursa Minor for Natty's birthday! On the 29th...

10:19: TYZ admits he's only interested in giving shot outs on air. Meanwhile, CMR is busy with the rec's.10:24: Live bloggin's hard. There are two buttons next to me. One says TALK BACK the other COUGH.

10:27: TYZ has declined the offer to talk on air for this upcoming break.

10:28: "I like it when you leave it on"

10:33: If anyone is reading this, can you bring us some beer? Preferably rainiers.

10:40: Ty's reading off the playlist. CMR can't since he forgot his glasses.

10:41: We ALL would like to hear a 20 minute set of Ty Segall.

10:50: Heard in the booth: "That's enough Ty Segall for one night"

10:56: TYZ is plugging away.

10:58: And....we're off!

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