Friday, December 17, 2010

The Guide to Staying Productive.

This lives on my wall by my door:

It is what I use to remain 'feisty,' and 'eager,' and 'sharp.'

It is a simple guide that I will run you through.

Be a Little Depressed: Just like working hungry, a slight bit of depression adds realism to craft and endeavors.  Do it.

Make Noise: Pick some shit up, and play it.  What ever it is, no matter how good/bad you think you are.  This is just for you.

Use a Pen: Write something, anything, everything.

Utilize Some More Paper: Draw some shit.  Even just a straight line.  Even just a couple dots.  We're working on expulsion here.

Use Your Eyes: Look, read, consume with yer oculars.

Love Something: Works just like depression.  You tell me what love is, and I'll show you what an accomplished day looks like.

Clean Some Shit: Your space is dirty, your head is dirty. Simple.

Make Coins: Don't knock the hustle.


  1. I don't think this is Carlos or Ty. Is this Aaron?