Saturday, December 4, 2010

Butts released a new album. A lot of bands played.

~2 weeks ago, Seattle band (We're)Butts released a new tape, and had a party at relevant club in the city.

Four bands were billed and some of them look/sound like this:

Wet Paint DMM

Here is a live performance of the No Wave 2k9/10 hit 'Lion Tamer.'

It is loud.

Here is a picture of Margret Doll Rod in her underwear bangin' on a drum:

Flexions played, but there might be something about wxy(whiskey) right in here.  Or something as equally alternative.


Here's is the hit song 'Let's Smoke Ciggerettes.'

I feel this represents my demographic.

Their merch looked like this:

I don't know if the they can operate without jello shots:

Chances are I was now blacked out, and didn't maintain journalistic gestalt enough to get the name of this song.  It is completely side ways.

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