Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lost and Sound has a show.

Last Thursday, a new house sprang up in Seattle. It's a little east of Green Lake, read: An area that does not have shows. The house is called Lost and Sound, and for their first show, this seems to be a nice bench mark, a high bar that I'm excited to see where it goes.
The line up was just two acts. Universal Studios Florida and Gobble, Gobble.

I did you a favor, and got a couple of siick recordings for your ear's sweet tooth.

D/L 'New Cub': Here

This cut is 'Close Your Eyes': Here

I would post the recordings of Gobble, Gobble, but you just wouldn't 'get it.'
All there is to say is: given the chance, SEE THIS FUCKING BAND.

They gave me these 7"s

One of them is filled with glitter.

They crashed at The Big House and we watched Willow and talked philosophy and Canada.
It's called Rock and Roll. Dig it.

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