Friday, September 18, 2009



Mixing minds

Sat Sept 19th
676 s jackson st.
seattle wa.
International District

Artists from both coasts meeting up to share a common love of handmade- the result is the art show you won't want to miss on Sept 19. Part of the final chinatown art walk, artists Audria Brumberg, Chrissy Crum, and C.M. Ruiz are all displaying artwork in their preferred medias. Brumberg is displaying several of her large illustrations. They are intricate, beautiful, and really quite amazing to get lost in.

Crum created an art project where she had people give her personal family photos, after, she set them on fire and collected the ashes inside of eggs. Make sure when you come to not look at the ground because stepping and cracking the eggs is encouraged.

Ruiz will be finally revealing his process of making graphics. He will be displaying step by step pieces from original drawings or photos into the resulting posters or record covers you may own.

Please come. Cereal and milk will be provided.

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