Wednesday, September 9, 2009


so this weekend was full of craziness! some pics and vids to share....oh ya

this is the beets live at blackbird...we filmed the full sets from the beets and ty segall....those should be edited and posted soon! but this teaser should tie you over :)

Davilla 666 was in town; they are on tour from puerto rico and decided to come down and check out the instore at Blackbird and invite us to their show later that night...they were the SWEETEST guys in the world... they even invited us to a authentic Puerto Rican BBQ the next day!

THEN after the Davilla 666 show EVERYONE booked it to catch the beets 2nd set of the day at the black lodge, here are some pics

Juan from the Beets sporting the CMRTYZ event shirt for the blackbird instore!

3 shows in 1 day...ahhh time to rest

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