Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Scerd" - A first art show by Lelah Maupin (release/preview!)

"Scerd" is the first art show by Lelah Maupin, a local artist and musician who has long occupied Seattle's young creative community. She is the drummer in a band called TacocaT, but has always mixed in her artistic endevours when and where she could- doing posters, record cover art, and tour diaries. Recently, she blossomed on a project doing a banner for her band where she used her knowledge of typography, color theory, and composition to create an instantly recognizable visual identity. After carting it around the United States on tour a few times and doing another banner for a private commission, Maupin has returned to Seattle to open a show of banners expressing far more personal thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Each banner as a piece will be seen as small fragments of her humor and personality but taken as a whole all of the pieces will reflect a enormous self portrait of Maupin's brain. The beauty of the show overall will be that doing such visual typography pieces, Maupin strips any misinterpretation; every one of the pieces speaking volumes with a few simple words.

Get stoked!

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