Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CMRTYZ + Lady Bree presents.. Vile Bodies

CMRTYZ + Lady Bree presents..

VILE BODIES - New Works by Martha Hipley

live music by


Woven Bones
My Teenage Stride
Easter Vomit
Teen Witch


In the spirit of alternative art spaces, VILE BODIES will use the space and the audience as part of the art experience. In a carefully coordinated performance, the audience becomes the medium of change in what, to all outer appearances, is just another Brooklyn mashup of live music, video art, videogames, and booze over a backdrop of disregarded art.

How can traditional painting compete against such compelling distractions? This installation by artist Martha Hipley challenges the notion that the artist must fight to win an audience by embracing these distractions as part of a larger experiment. In paintings that combine modern technology with traditional technique, the art becomes interactive and responsive to its attentive (or inattentive) audience, destroying itself over the span of the event in a plea for attention. In this way the distractions of the space become essential to the message of the work- that environment is everything.

YO DUDES! So, out here again in NYC to organize another show. This one is in Williamsburg and I hope you come!

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