Monday, September 13, 2010

Forecast: Cassie Ramone's WALGREEN'S

CMRTYZ presents! Cassie Ramone will be in Seattle again soon and with that we have set her up a show March 3, 2011. You've been informed. It's going to take place at Design Commission, and is going to be a show that reflects Cassie's signature style.

Cassie Ramone has the ability to transform things that you see everyday and ignore into something you take notice of. Things that we don't think about on shelves, on streets, in our own homes- all designed for a purpose. She creates a vision of these things that are uniquely her style that make you think of all the tiniest design choices that once took place and are now lost in a sea of consumerism.

To this effect, Cassie will be presenting at Design Commission an art installation of her newest works entitled (tentatively) WALGREEN'S.

She will be making things you see on the shelves and cruise right past, but with her unique illustration style.

More details to come soon.


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