Wednesday, August 4, 2010


we are going to have a little set up at
SMMRBMMR next weekend...its gunna be bloody brilliant!

along with CMRTYZ stuff we will be slanging some other RAD records

here is a littttttle preview :P

FIRST we have a couple of Mujeres records:

S/T 12 inch on STONE records out of Barcelona

and a 7 inch on disco humeantes

we have a couple of RAD records from BACHELOR, based out of Austria

INDIAN WARS- if you want me 7inch

cant believe these are not sold out

myelin sheaths Stackticon EP


last but NOT LEAST!!!!

we have DEEP SHT, weird you EP
on NOPAIN IN POP records
outta manor house london (lordship road)

here is a interview off the fader site

see you fools there

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