Sunday, April 4, 2010


1st record is...
this rad Roy Orbison tribute record that telephone explosion records
put out....its sooooooo GOOD!

u should REALLLLY try to get a copy


A Side:

1. Camero Werewolf Band (Live Fast Die) - Problem Child
2. Jacuzzi Boys - You Got it
3. Bloodshot Bill - Cause of it All
4. Haunted George - Rock House
5. Holy Cobras - Domino

B Side:
1. Ty Segall - Pretty Women
2. Teenanger - You’re my Baby
3. Demons Claws - It’s Over
4. Red Mass - Running Scared
5. Cheater Slicks - Crying
6. Charlie & The Moonhearts - Chicken Hearted


The 2nd record i cant stop listening to is

outta reach

our friend Ruben is running a black market record ring
he gets his hands on some sick records and sells them to friends...but he only gets a couple of each and when hes out hes out

i reserved this....then kinda flaked on paying for it...he threatened to sell it to someone else :(
so CMR surprised me with a copy...what a sweetheart...even though it was a make-up gift from when he was being a DICK

this is a reprint that causeway records (?) put out...
they only made 550 of these

the art work rules too...each is printed on what looks like to be hand painted marbled paper...then glue-sticked to a black record sleeve.
just our taste

“She” were one of the few all-female garage psychedelic American bands of the 1960s that played their own instruments and wrote their own material, although their official output was limited to one obscure 1970 independent single. She, nonetheless, had a lengthy and somewhat complicated history, beginning in 1964 when guitarist and primary songwriter Nancy Ross formed a teen band with her younger sister Sally on organ in Sacramento, California. Originally known as the Id, they changed their name to the Hairem and did atFont sizetract some label interest. The Hairem did not officially release any material in the 1960s, but five songs that they recorded did come out on the She CD compilation Wants a Piece of You in 1999. The Hairem played in San Francisco and Sacramento, at both clubs and air force bases, and after several personnel changes, had changed their name to She by the late 1960s. By this point their music had grown more sophisticated, with a greater weight on harmonies and minor-keyed, psychedelic-influenced melodies. They did record an obscure single for Kent in 1970, “Boy Little Boy”/”Outta Reach.” She disbanded in 1971 Far, far more than a mere novelty, musically and philosophically She were in a class of their own, with drop-dead good looks and such memorable tunes as Like A Snake, Piece Of You and Bad Girl. And indeed She were bad girls, getting thrown out of movie theatres and even the California State Capitol building for their disruptive behaviour and smart-ass punk attitude. Truly the female equivalent of the Stones. -totally copy write-ed

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