Tuesday, February 9, 2010

March 4th - Seattle

C. M. Ruiz

Happy Home


What makes a cool concert poster? Any graphic designer can draw a few birds on a tree branch, slap on “The Shins” and call it a day. C. M. Ruiz designs his posters with a rawness that has more in common with DIY punk than modern indie rock aesthetics. Instead of a Mac and mouse, Ruiz uses a Sharpie and photo copier. “Happy Home” is a tribute to the people and places that have inspired Ruiz posters throughout the years. The exhibit consists of a small shanty house installation with fuzzy Xerox lining the walls, showing Carlos’ connection to the images and people therein.

See preview pieces from the show at Design Commission

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  1. Carlos' designs rule!

    - www.21Arrondissement.com