Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Dead Ghost played Seattle last week along side Meth Teeth for the Dutchess and the Duke record release show. They couldn't bring any merch down from Canada, due to tax bull shit, so we decided to sell the CMRTYZ dead ghost "never paid for Tee as their merch

Dead Ghost'a "Never paid for" tee alongside meth teeth and D&D's merch 

Dead Ghosts playing a song about fishing :)

CMR and Bryan of Dead Ghosts...them Canadians are sooo rad

Heres one of Meth Teeth from the same night

I couldn't get close enough by the time The Dutchess and the Duke played
to actually get any vi sable footage...but you can listen :)
Their new record is called Sunset / Sunrise
and is out on Hardly Art Records

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  1. love this! :)
    i haven't heard of the dead ghosts b4, but i love hearing about new great musicians! <3