Sunday, August 2, 2009


"Never Paid For" is the first T-shirt series by CMRTYZ. The series based on gig posters that CMR has designed but was never paid for. (no hard feelings)

CMR bio

CMR never went to art school. In fact, he openly admits that he never studied graphic design techniques, doesn't know a thing about computer design programs, and doesn't even own a computer. With a good eye for composition and a bit of intuition, Ruiz often designs posters while riding the bus and completes layouts within an a few hours using sharpies, collaged images, and copy machines. His black & white and two-color posters are simple in the sense that they are bold and raw—pixilated and hand-drawn, they have an organic edge that is rarely seen in the work of contemporary designers. Having recently co-founded Real Fake Press in the basement of an old house in Seattle, Ruiz hopes to lead a resurgence of DIY, lo-fi aesthetic through silk-screening and analog design. When he's not designing a poster or drawing in his sketchbook, you'll likely find Ruiz shamelessly leeching off his friends, listening to garage-punk records, and drinking his coffee black.

He has worked with the likes of Spoon, Los Campesinos! No Age, Times New Viking, Black Lips, Crystal Castles, Davila 666, Wavves, Crystal Stilts, Yeasayer, Dead Ghosts, Daytrotter, Gigposters, Hardly Art, Douchemaster, Floridas Dying, Don't Stop Believin' and loads more!

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